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Construction Survey Services

Jasa Survey Terkemuka di Indonesia Sebagai Konsultan Investigasi Survey Tanah, dan mendukung berbagai Kebutuhan  


What is Surveying Engineering?

Surveying is known to be the oldest profession in the world having traced its roots back to great civilizations of biblical or ancient times,

such as the Babylonians, Greeks, Egyptians, and the Chaldeans where surveyors were noblemen.

These noblemen played an important role in the economic framework of their societies and were well respected.

Many of our early leaders and explorers were famous surveyors such as James Cook, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln.

Today, Surveying Engineers play a vital role in developing societies.

Their primary role is to determine the position of natural and man-made objects on the earth’s surface, and record it for future planning purposes;

to set and reset boundaries both within the country and internationally. Surveying is the general term,

which covers a myriad of disciplines, such as Geodesy, Photogrammetry, Cartography, GIS, Digital Mapping, Cadastral Surveying, etc.

he can / Surveying Engineers or Surveyors collect, analyze, and manage the global spatial infrastructure.

They design, develop, and operate systems for collecting and analyzing spatial information about the land, the oceans, natural resources, 

and man-made features. They use sophisticated equipment such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS), electronic theodolites, levels, aerial photographs, satellite imagery for gathering, analyzing, and using information about the earth.

Modern Surveying topics include digital mapping, geodesy, photogrammetry, remote sensing, as well as more traditional surveying involving property surveys.

Since our societies are becoming more complex, information with a spatial position associated with it are of vital importance and are critical to decision-making, both from a personal and a business perspective, and for different levels of government.

Surveying Engineers can answer many questions like:

do you know where your property boundaries are?, Have you ever wondered how maps are created?

How does GPS work?, What is the shape and size of the earth?

Surveying Engineers or Surveyors perform different types of work such as measure land, air space, and water areas., How can the satellite imagery be interpreted to monitor the environment etc.?

They describe where a certain area of land is. They compute, portray and explain what it looks like, 

and how much is there. They put these facts in deeds, leases, and other legal documents.


Jasa survey geodetik

In Indonesia Survey engineering consultant serving the installation of a reference monument vertical and horizontal supports for construction work,

Benchmark Monument is planned for its construction details according to soil density, and measured by a high-accuracy Geodetic survey method,

so that accuracy and strength are achieved in a long-term manner.

topographic work, Survey engineering consultant in Indonesia on with the correct measurement methods we apply to each of our surveyor team, 

can target the needs in the field for the needs of engineering planning, regional maps, and other uses.

 so that we know exactly what to present in our map services

construction survey services Survey engineering consultant culture in construction projects 

is to Assign 1 work team consisting of 1 surveyor, 1 assistant and 1 engineering survey whose task is to redesign construction drawings 

to be applied in the field so that your project can be ensured in accordance with global, complex, and detailed planning. done correctly according to height and position.

jasa survey hidrografi

In hydrographic surveying services or marine surveys carry out seawater monitoring, bathymetry surveys, coastal topography, coastal deformation monitoring (Deformation), 

which support engineering such as port planning, marine navigation lines, wave breaking buildings, river and sea water monitoring,

many also our team was involved as supervision of construction at sea and reclamation work on rivers and beaches.

Our services already have a long experience in the field of hydrographic survey services so don’t hesitate to choose us, Survey engineering consultants.

Jasa survey lidar

Lidar Sensor we work through flight planning, and scanning with light wave method that works sweeping the object’s destination Survey engineering consulting.

in contrast to aerial photographs of drones that only work for photographing and combining, 

the advantages that can be high accuracy and data generated points cloud (on the ground Laser Scanner Equipment)

so you can see objects in three-dimensional shapes with centimeter 

laser scanning

On work 3D laser scanning or High definition system, can form 3D in software where tall buildings, complex pipelines in oil and gas facilities,

inspection of buildings, bridges, and buildings, scan industrial products, Are all visible and the dimensions are real complete

so there is no need to doubt about our high-tech laser scan, you can be helped by millions of survey points in minutes, 

forming a media that we aim to register in accordance with the datum and modeling by several stages of the software.

we are waiting for your best news to appoint us to work on projects that you have.

Construction survey service

On work mining survey, has a lot of experience in the mining sector, 

the jobs that we have faced, namely work contracts with the mining and project divisions,

in our mining division, are tasked with calculating the volume of mining material using laser scanning tools and aerial photography, 

making maps, and making reports survey activity. while in the project division. we are contracted to build mining facilities

such as infrastructure, build a crusher, build an electrical substation, wwtp. and so forth.

We work in a team that is solid and sociable in our environment and helps the success of the HSE program. [Survey engineering consultant]

On work underground survey is the initial division of survey engineering consultants

consists of geophysical work in terms of non-destructive inspection and destructive  test, 

our services include geoelectricity (determination of water availability), ground penetrating radar (GPR), technical geology and

Subgrade test Monitoring with light weight deflectometer basically the need for soil density to avoid deformation of buildings, roads and bridges.

“Can easily get along in with other companies, and can work well with each other so that coordination will be easy as a supporter of the Survey Engineering Consultant Services process in Indonesia”

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