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jasa survey kami:

Kami memiliki pengalaman dalam berbagai sektor Industri, baik sektor Onshore Minyak dan gas, Sektor Geothermal sektor, pertambangan, Sektor Pemerintah, dalam skala kecil, menengah dan tinggi.

Road Survey Services
Survey Topographic Area

Lokasi layanan

Lokasi layanan kami menjangkau ke seluruh wilayah Indonesia dan kota besar lainnya di Seluruh area pelosok

keselamatan dan kesehatan kerja (K3)

Kami berkomitmen menjaga keselamatan dan kesehatan kesehatan kerja, turut menjaga lingkungan tempat di mana melakukan pekerjaan survey dan konstruksi. 

serta mendukung klien – klien kami dalam implementasi program Kerja yang berlandaskan K3.

keselamatan dan Kesehatan kerja survey

our profesional service's:

Survey Topografi

Topographical Survey >>

Land mapping, to inform the state of the land, vertical, horizontal framework and information contained in the media of an area into a flat plane that has a map scale.

Jasa survey GPS Topografi RTK

GPS Survey GNSS. >>

Installation of Permanent / Non Permanent Reference Points system projection to geodetic local datum through control net observation so as to produce corrected standard reference points

Bathymetric Survey

Hydrographic Survey >>

Underwater / bathymetry mapping activities are corrected by monitoring tides
resulting in an underwater map for planning docks, wave retaining walls, onshore and offshore pipelines and others.

Survey Konstruksi

Construction Survey Service's >>

Survey Supervision Services with a high degree of accuracy and support in the construction process, and assist in the implementation of planning such as point search, building point settings, structural monitoring, alignment of construction height, and building structure, installation of steel construction, Horizontal and vertical determination up to the data control administration process. starting from inspection, reporting daily, weekly and monthly results


Aerial Survey (Uav Services) >>

Horizontal and vertical determination up to the data control administration process. starting from inspection, reporting daily, weekly and monthly results Surveys of aerial photographs in detail using unmanned aircraft, this activity includes the installation of control points observed by GPS-researched surveys Geodetic so that topography and aerial photos are integrated in one unit resulting in displaying contour data, photos, features, and position and altitude information.

Modeling PDMS

3D Laser Scaning - As-builts 3D >>

accuracy level 2 mm , used for planning detailed development using a Laser Scan tool. The Laser Scan tool can obtain millions of points in each square kilometer containing points of Position and elevation. provide accurate survey data regarding complete object forms with features, land, buildings and heights, the Survey Results create a set of data that cannot be achieved by conventional methods.

Engineering Design >>

- Civil Engineering, Road Engineering and buildings (Housing and non-housing), new and old road designs. - Architecture, (Exterior and interior), Landscape, Architectural design and implementation of architectural design. - Implementation of Land Works

Instrument Survey Rental Service's >>

Rental Services Tooling Services Heavy equipment procurement includes Topographic Survey Excavation and embankment design work, benchmarking survey, excavation and embankment. Survey Equipment Rental and operators

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